Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Quick Reflection

I've spent some time this morning updating Google Reader with the sites relevant for this new paper - blogs, wikis etc. I also checked out some of the new blog entries made on sites relevant to the previous paper - facilitating online communities - and found this post "Towards Reflective BlogTalk" by Konrad Glogowski. It's an interesting read for anyone thinking of setting up student blogs in their classroom, as Konrad journals his continuing efforts to improve the learning of his students. Is this ongoing evaluation in practice? I suppose I'll come back to this once I read more about evaluation.

I found some of the comments to Konrad's post typical of many teacher's responses to using new teaching/learning methods in that they focussed on the practicalities of the technology and the classroom environment as a barrier to learning. Konrad's discussion of his successes/failures provides reflection that others can benefit from. This is one of the aspects of blogging that I find really helpful. Just yesterday I read a blog post, by Debbie, reflecting on a learning situation in Second Life and it instantly became a 'starred' item for future reference.

Not sure how this is going to relate to 'formal' evaluation but I enjoy this kind of reflection.

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Monday, 25 February 2008

Evaluation of eLearning for Best Practice

First blog post of 2008. Happy New Year!

It's the first week of a new paper on the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning and the participants are going to be blogging about their learning. So this is where I'll do mine :)

Nothing to report so far - I'm just finding my way around the course wiki and blog. More soon!