Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hi - Welcome to My eLearning Blog

This blog is going to be my friend for the next few months as I reflect on how to facilitate an online learning community.

So far I have undertaken a learning styles quiz. My Learning Styles results are as follows:
Ref (1) Sen (5) Vis (3) Glo (1)

This suggests I am a slightly reflective and global learner leaning towards the sensory and visual dimensions. In practice I think I learn in various ways (like most people) and adopt different styles depending on the circumstances. Although I have found the first two weeks of this course quite tricky reflecting a sensing style rather than an intuitive style perhaps :)

I have also posted a bit of information about myself on the Blackboard site, posted to the GoogleGroups forum and tried to read as much as I can from the links posted there. I've also 'partially' taken part in a 'virtual chat' session despite internet connection problems. I've also managed to set this blog up - although I confess I've been blogging for family and friends for a while now.

My reflection so far - 2 weeks into the course - has been posted in the GoogleGroups forum in a response to a post by Kevin. Overall, feeling excited about new learning and a little anxious about the method of that learning!

That's it - the first post complete and a brief summary of my activity to date. Hopefully future posts will involve a bit more thought and a little less description!