Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hi - Welcome to My eLearning Blog

This blog is going to be my friend for the next few months as I reflect on how to facilitate an online learning community.

So far I have undertaken a learning styles quiz. My Learning Styles results are as follows:
Ref (1) Sen (5) Vis (3) Glo (1)

This suggests I am a slightly reflective and global learner leaning towards the sensory and visual dimensions. In practice I think I learn in various ways (like most people) and adopt different styles depending on the circumstances. Although I have found the first two weeks of this course quite tricky reflecting a sensing style rather than an intuitive style perhaps :)

I have also posted a bit of information about myself on the Blackboard site, posted to the GoogleGroups forum and tried to read as much as I can from the links posted there. I've also 'partially' taken part in a 'virtual chat' session despite internet connection problems. I've also managed to set this blog up - although I confess I've been blogging for family and friends for a while now.

My reflection so far - 2 weeks into the course - has been posted in the GoogleGroups forum in a response to a post by Kevin. Overall, feeling excited about new learning and a little anxious about the method of that learning!

That's it - the first post complete and a brief summary of my activity to date. Hopefully future posts will involve a bit more thought and a little less description!


Garry Patterson said...

An ancient but very true saying.... from a small seed grows a large tree.. :) I'm sure it'll be a fruitful one!

Occupational Therapy Otago said...

Great to see you up and running. Learning styles are interesting things. I find that the hard part is using the knowledge to my advantage in different situations. I find myself writing notes and later find I draw a picture of the concept or idea and think why didn't I do this first off it would have saved me time and helped my thinking!

Leigh Blackall said...

Wow! its great to see others are beating me to your blog! Looking forward to reading more from you

bronwyn said...

I am here slow but running. Good to see you are a seasoned blogger already Yvonne.