Monday, 28 April 2008

Evaluation Plan - Some Feedback

Here is Bronwyn's feedback on my first draft of the evaluation plan. May give you some pointers.

Thanks Bronwyn, your comments have clarified some issues for me.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

glad to be of assistance. I hope you have some success negotiating your evaluation with your potential participants.

Helga said...

Hi Yvonne,
I hope my feedback will be not too late, as you just posted that you are working on your evaluation. And use what you find usefull. I had a look at the checklist and survey as you requested feedback on those in particular.


In general, there are a couple of statements that required more input than just observations. For example: the students find interactive materials intuitively.
Are you going to ask them that? Or do you hope that they will make a comment like that when they think out loud. I personally would put an observation statement like: How does the user navigate (use content menu, use back and forward buttons, or both) and afterwards I would ask them the question if they found it intuitive or not.
The ones further down the list are more suitable for observations (like student completes task and stops).

About the survey
Good that you start with a short intro, some surveys start with a page full of background and instruction what will put people off. The only thing that I would add is how long it will take to complete.

I am not sure how your form works but should the other box in question 2 also not have a tickbox? Same for question 4.

Maybe an extra box with other comments (I am a feedback junkie and hate it when I can't provide all the feedback I have :-)...)

Overall, survey is nice and short but I am not sure yet to what questions/guidelines it will contibute.

Reeves (Reeves, Thomas C., Hedberg, John G. (2003). Interactive learning systems evaluation. Educational Technology Publications, Inc. New Jersey. ISBN 0-87778-304-7.) uses a handy table in which you list your tools/methods against your questions so you will instantly see towards what question(s) your tools will contribute.

Looking forward to have a look at your evaluation plan. If there is something in particular you want my opinion on, just ask, otherwise I'll give my ideas.

Cheers, Helga

Yvonne said...

Hi Helga

Thanks for your great feedback - I'm so irritated that I've only just discovered it after I've posted my completed plan. I have my student email forward mail to my home account and having just checked it the thing wasn't working! So, sorry I missed your comments. Maybe I can still make some changes come the final report.



Yvonne said...


Have had a think about Helga's comments - thanks again - and would like to share.

Helga, you question how I would find out if "the students find interactive materials intuitively". I was hoping to observe this if say, for example a student finds materials without direct instruction. Thinking about this, perhaps I don't mean 'intuitively' - instead maybe I'm after evidence of student comfort with navigation - which as you say relates to use of suitable links etc.

I see that on the survey an 'other' box wasn't there to tick - only the 'other' box for comments. I've added this in and hopefully this will be clearer.